Jordan – Scotland I met Jordan in London. He looked just like my old flatmate, a lil rudeboy. He’s such a cutie behind that tattooed hard boy exterior, I tried to capture some of those moments amongst our shoot. I hope you enjoy this lil sexy one.


Jonathan – Spain Jonathan Miranda is a pretty well known porn star. We decided to shoot together when I was in Madrid, no expectations. He literally OOZED sexuality. The moment he arrived he was just pouring testosterone. It was inevitable we were going to have sex. With his energy and the Madrid heat, it was…


Anthony – Greece Anthony was in town in Berlin and hit me up to shoot. He was super cute, like a lil Greek Harry Styles. I think he’s absolutely beautiful, and we managed to get some really amazing light to play with. His dick was also not shy during the whole shoot, as you can…


Javier – Spain Javier is a pretty well known model and instagrammer. I’ve been friends with him for a while, and we’ve hooked up before in the past. I wanted to shoot him for Other Boys obviously, and he was up for it. We shot some hot stuff, so I hope you enjoy.