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“Contorted bodies and playful, erotic poses – equally revealing and
concealing – exude tenderness, bridging the gap between sensuality and
sexuality. Berlin-based photographer, artist, and model Sam Morris has
dedicated himself to tying these elements together in his photographic
series. The work can be accessed on his subscription-based website, or
seen in one of his more abundant art exhibitions. The captured gestures
reveal a tenderness often lost in contemporary Grindr, Tinder, and social
media communication, frequently obliterating any form of eroticism through
the aggression that comes from unsolicited advances. Morris brings back
the romanticism of erotic novels, the images representing a natural moment
between the subjects, vaguely interrupted by the observer. His work offers
a perspective on sexuality, gender, and the male form that is separate from
the over-exposure of porn websites. It is a return to intimacy, something that
is hard to find online.”

ADRIANA PAULY – Phosphenes Magazine

About Me

Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m an artist from London currently residing in Berlin. I started out in life as a child actor in London. I appeared in 5 West End shows before the age of 15 and worked on numerous television & radio shows, and films. I later went on to train as a professional dancer, and worked extensively as a commercial dancer in live shows, music videos, commercials, and television shows. During my early twenties I started photographing for agencies, shooting models and dancer portfolios, while also getting into the world of music. Years on, my social media platforms grew, and also did my love for erotica. I now work full time as an artist spending my time creating and art directing various projects. I launched my erotic website in September 2016, and it has been my full time passion ever since. I have exhibited my work around the world, including in Berlin, New York and Miami Art Basel. My work has been written about and featured in GQ and Dazed, and I now attend London and Paris Fashion Week. I published a book Don’t Fall In Love, Sam in 2020 during the pandemic, and I continue to shoot Other Boys, & Lovers, and new erotic content.

Other Boys, & Lovers

In this section of the website you will see a photographic documentation of my encounters with different boys around the world. Both sexually, and simply for companionship. I either set my camera up on a tripod, and then capture the natural chemistry between us on a self timer remote, or sometimes I shoot the boys solo. See it as a fly on the wall in an organic moment between two men. A way for me to celebrate sex and body positivity in a romantic way, and break the taboo of having multiple sexual partners. It’s a way to showcase sexual expression in a beautiful light. It’s about celebrating companionship amongst gay men often found through nudity & sex, which can sometimes, no matter how fleeting the moment, be life changing. This will be an ongoing series in which I hope to create and capture a beautiful ongoing story in my life with others.


I’ve always seen a strong link between dance and sex, and with having a dance background myself this is always something I’ve explored in my work, even subconsciously. Dancers have a connection with their bodies that is unlike others. They also have a musculature that is unrivalled due to the intense training that takes place during the formative years of the human body. Sex always plays a role in dance, it makes us stronger and more powerful dancers. Sex is a dance between two people, and so in this section I really wanted to push that narrative. Exploring how we learn how to use our bodies in sex, both alone, and with someone else, and also, how we learn to use sex in dance.

Anonymous Encounters & Personal

Anonymous Encounters and Personal are the kinky parts of my site, a place I can explore my naughtiest desires, and without artistic flare. I subject myself to sexual encounters on camera, with a willing subject who has an exhibitionism they wish to explore, whilst remaining anonymous. Or I just express myself on camera sexually because I’m feeling exhibitionist.

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