Julian – Cuba / USA I met Julian at my photographic exhibition in Miami. He was a big fan of my work, and so I asked him if he’d want to pose for me. He was such a big bundle of energy. He could hardly sit still for a picture. He was so nervous and…


Caleb –  USA Caleb and I met in New York and shot some pictures in my hotel room. We talked about queerness, and gayness, and sex, and conversion therapy. It’s something that Caleb is particularly familiar with, so I definitely learnt a lot this day. I think we took some beautiful pictures. Enjoy x


Dawid – Poland Dawid is polish and was spending some time in Berlin when he came to my apartment to shoot. He used to be a model actually, so we talked about his old career, and his new career. He now wants to do some more experimental stuff which is why he shot with me.

Ulysses & J’aime

Ulysses & J’aime – Spain These guys are a couple living in Madrid I briefly met whilst I was over their last summer. They were quite timid, and stayed pretty much in their own wild, and I just documented that. There are sexy glimpses between them, but mostly they wanted to keep things pretty soft.…

Jon Ali

Jon Ali – USA Jon is a pretty well known DJ in New York, and we met up while I was there to shoot. He’s a little chatterbox, and pretty sexy & cheeky. You can follow him on @jon_ali. Enjoy.


Jordan – Scotland I met Jordan in London. He looked just like my old flatmate, a lil rudeboy. He’s such a cutie behind that tattooed hard boy exterior, I tried to capture some of those moments amongst our shoot. I hope you enjoy this lil sexy one.