Stranger 9

I had this encounter in Miami. The filming is a bit shit so I apologise, we just sort of improvised in turning the camera on in that moment. He was fucking me so hard with that huge dick I forgot to concentrate to get up and reboot the camera. He literally split me in two.

Stranger 8

Stranger 8 Whilst I was in Spain I found a guy on grindr that wanted to hook up with. He was a big (excuse the pun) fan of mine and so I asked if he wanted to film something, he wanted to but only anonymously. It’s his first time filming anything like this. His dick…

Stranger 7

I hooked up with this guy the first time and he didn’t film me taking his load, so he decided to meet me a second time and film it all. 2 hook ups with a perfect dick.

Stranger 5

This guy messaged me on Grindr and wanted to come in after his work shift. Was fucking hot. He wanted to be a porn filmmaker actually, so it was his excuse to get involved on the action a bit. Enjoy.  

Stranger 4

This guy was desperate for me to piss on him and film it. He was really turned on by the idea of being filmed, and wanted me to use him. So I did it, and it was hot. Don’t tell me I don’t give you a varied content on here.

Stranger 3

This guy was pretty persistent on Grindr and I was feeling extremely horny, almost vulnerably horny. I wanted a sexual connection without any sort of human contact as such. Something totally transactional. I wanted to be used as a vessel for someone else’s needs. Used in a short space of time, while I purely got…

Stranger 2

This guy had the most dickalicious dick I’d seen in a while, and as you can see in the film it turned me into a total pig. I just wanted to smell it, kiss it, lick it, taste it, over and over. I wasn’t even bothered about deep throating, I just wanted that dick to…

Stranger 1

This guy was so hot I can’t even describe. He had a body like a god, a face like a model. He just didn’t want to show it. He wanted to fuck me on camera though, and he could see the camera from his point of view, so sometimes he was leaning round to watch…