Sam started out as a child actor training at the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. He appeared in 5 West End shows before the age of 15 and worked on numerous television & radio shows, and films. Sam trained as a professional dancer, and worked extensively as a commercial dancer in live shows, music videos, commercials, and television shows. Sam then went on to become a signed music artist, working with Lily Allen, Alphabeat, Stooshe, appearing at the London Olympics 2012, on the UK X Factor, and performing for Donatella Versace. Sam is now an artist who spends his time creating and art directing various projects. He has had the pleasure of working with photographers all over the world in London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, San Francisco and LA including Rick Day, Christopher Sherman, Jahn Hall, Leigh Keily, Spyros Rennt, Dylan Rosser, Manuel Moncayo, Nick Andrews, Kofi Paintsil, Anthony Amadeo, Ryan Pfluger, Peter Stanglmayr, Sean Watters, José Tio, Luke Austin, Rene Fragoso, Fred Attenborough, Lucas Castro Pardo, Jefferey Beasley, Malc Stone, Renaud Duc, Joe McCormick, Exterface, Roberto Araujo, Pedro Pedreira, Brian Brigantti, Nicolas Nys, Kiko Dionisio, Dan Lang, Ryan Baker, Eric Philips, Theo Banzon, Antonio Eugenio, Dusty St Amand, Ross Collab, Erik Lazarini, Allan Gregorio, Darkwah, Issac Calpe, & Tayte Hanson. Sam has appeared on blogs such as Homotography, Summer Diary Project, Kaltblut Magazine, shot at the famous Milk Studios in NYC & The Worx in London, worked for numerous brands including Kiehl’s, Travis Taddeo, Andrew Christian, Gents Pack, Lush Cosmetics, Grindr, Studio Ready, and appeared in Gay Times Magazine, Jón Magazine, & voted as one of 2017’s top 100 eligible bachelors in Out Magazine.

over the past 5 years I have lived my life in the goldfish bowl of instagram

the censorship we are being controlled by is disturbing, yet stimulates our desire for more

this is why I started an exclusive website

to explore the self portrait in multiple mediums, without barriers

members will see new content every week in the format of photography and film

a candid look at sexuality through art and reality

​ the simplicity of capturing a moment so familiar in it’s beauty and rawness is somewhat pleasurable and thought provoking

the films on my site will explore the art in my everday life, blurring the lines between voyeurism and observation

involving conceptual visuals and sound in everyday actions

I want my members to know me, inside out, like a lover

the good parts, and the bad parts, and the sometimes uncomfortable

all films are created, filmed and edited by me.

. . .

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”
“Me pinto a mi misma, porque soy quien mejor conozco”
– Frida Kahlo


Other Boys & Lovers

In this section of the website you will see a photographic documentation of my encounters with different boys around the world. Both sexually, and simply for companionship. I normally set my camera up on a tripod, and then capture the natural chemistry between us on a self timer remote. See it as a fly on the wall in an organic moment between two men. A way for me to shake off the idea of slut shaming, and break the taboo of having multiple sexual partners. It’s about celebrating companionship amongst gay men often found through nudity & sex, which can sometimes, no matter how fleeting the moment, be life changing. This will be an ongoing series in which I hope to create and capture a beautiful ongoing story in my life.